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About Us


Career Limited is dedicated to be a reliable printing materials and prepress equipment supplier since the day of its establishment in 1982, diligently serving the printing industry.  Nowadays, the company keeps in good pace with technological advancement by offering digital and production standardization solutions to enhance the industry’s competency whilst realizing a WIN-WIN objective.

Throughout the past 30 years, our Company has stably grown into a market-renowned printing material and equipment supplier.  We cannot achieve this without a strong and professional sales team which is always attentive in strengthening its after-sales support service to ease and relieve our customers promptly from application problems.

The 1980’s economic reform in China has paved the way for the development of our sales network inside the Mainland, we have now branch offices in both Northern and Southern China.  To better serve the industry, we even expand our coverage to countries overseas to strive for business opportunities in a much wider span.

“Customer First” is our slogan and our tradition since we trust that clients’ support and encouragements are the essential motives that drive us to our business success.  Our Gratitude and Honour are there always to our customers!